Husband, father, tax payer, and first responder involved in the communities of Lacona, NY and Sandy Creek, NY. Mike is a solid citizen with strong family values and is personally committed to producing quality work.
Mike LaRock

Maylee, Mike, Amanda, and Hayden.

Mike Larock is the owner / operator of First Response Fire Protection & Prevention Services LLC, a chimney sweep and fire supression business that focuses on protecting property and life safety. Mike has been in the industry for over 15 years.

Before devoting his work full time to First Response, Mike worked for other fire protection companies starting his career in the field installing sprinkler systems. He obtained his NYS Journeyman Sprinkler Fitting Certification and has successfully estimated well over 100 sprinkler jobs.

Mike excelled in project management not only for smaller jobs in residential work, but also with high profile commercial, private and state jobs including SUNY Cortland, Rome Reasearch Labs, St Lawrence University, Healthway, several Walmarts, Biglots, and many others.

This isn't the only field he dedicated himself to regarding life safety. This came at a much younger age. Mike joined the local volunteer fire company at the age of 13 as part of an explorer program in 2000 where he is still an active member serving his community.

Mike is now serving his 22nd year in the department and currently holds the position of Fire Chief in Lacona, NY which he has held for the past 6 years.

The fire department has taught him the importance of fire safety and has given him the knowledge and skills to help prevent fire that he enjoys passing along to you!

Rescue practice.

Mike LaRock

Dirty dangerous work at times.

First Response is now a sponsor for Crown Racing Team.

Mike LaRock

Kingston Sprague driver with Mike LaRock.