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First Response Fire Prevention Service is a fully insured, family owned and operated business that specializes in fire protection, prevention and safety.

I have been an active member of the fire service for nearly 20 years and have seen first-hand the destructive force of what fire can do to a structure and a family.

I saw the need for a company that specializes in preventative maintenance and inspection of chimneys, smoke detectors, extinguishers and fire hydrants. Proper inspection, maintenance and testing of these appliances can help prevent a fire from affecting you and your family.

Fire prevention is a necessary maintenance and safety precaution that shouldn't be put off. Your property, your life and the lives of your loved ones could depend on it.

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At First Response, life safety is our #1 goal. We understand life can get hectic and simple preventative measures can be forgotten. At First Response we stand ready to take the call any time day or night. Regular inspections can be set-up so that you and your family can sleep easy.

First Response not only specializes in chimneys, but also in dryer vent cleanings, fire sprinkler repairs and water supply functionality. It is not only important to me that your home appliances are maintained and operating as they should be, but that in the unfortunate event of a fire, the fire service will have a sufficient water supply that has been flushed and tested. We also provide a service to rural municipalities that don't have wet hydrants in their districts by locating ponds, lakes, and/or streams and installing dry hydrants to better aid the fire service in fire suppression operations.

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There is no better time than right now to have your systems inspected!

Commercial / Residential

Service Area: Oswego County, St. Lawrence County, Lewis County, Oneida County
Onondaga County (outside city of Syracuse)

Sprinkler Installations Inspection / Repair / Testing

Periodic inspection, testing, and maintenance of the sprinkler system are essential for proper sprinkler function. Failing to properly inspect, test and maintain sprinkler systems may result in citations and fines, or worse.

Chimney Sweep / Inspection Repairs / Cleaning

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 211 says, "Chimneys, fireplaces, and vents shall be inspected at least once a year for soundness, freedom from deposits, and correct clearances. Don't Delay Call Today!

Dryer Vent Cleaning / Repairs

What happens if you don't clean your dryer vent? The dryer has to work overtime with more and more heat in order to dry the clothes. The machine wasn't made for that degree of heat. With the debris blocking the vent, the machine overheats. This could and has caused house fires.

Hydrant Flushing / Flow Testing

Flushing hydrants is an important preventive maintenance activity that verifies proper operation of the hydrant and ensures adequate water flow will be available in the event of a fire emergency. Flushing also removes sediment and deposits that naturally accumulate in water pipes.

Fire Hydrant Snow Removal

Fire hydrant snow removal is critical because firefighters must be able to identify and quickly access a fire hydrant.

Snow encapsulated and obstructed fire hydrant delays firefighting efforts. This gives a fire more time to grow.

Furnace Vent Snow Removal

Keeping your vents free and clear not only keeps the appliance at its peak performance, but it reduces the threat of Carbon Monoxide from entering your home.

Carbon Monoxide is odorless and is responsible for many deaths annually in the USA.

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Peter Mckenze

Pulaski, NY

We hired Mike to inspect and sweep our chimney. He arrived on time and did a thorough job.

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Doyle

Sandy Pond, NY

Professional service. First Response cleaned our furnace ducts. We were suprised how much dust there was.

Donna Kipley

Parish, NY

Mike LaRock vacuumed out the dryer vent. It was packed with lint. It runs so much better now. Thank you!

Matt Yerdon

Central Square, NY

Best prices. Our chimney needed a new liner. First Response installed a new flu pipe and replaced the cap.


Oswego, NY

First Response installed our new sprinkler system. Professional, friendly service. Highly recommend.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do all sprinkler heads go off at the same times?

This is a myth that is sensationalized by Hollywood and the movie industry. There are systems that function this way but they are used for VERY specific applications that are typically not visible to public.

The authority having jurisdiction says I only have to inspect my system once a year.

A qualified technician should be hired to assist the owner with navigating through the requirements of testing and the owner's insurance company should be contacted as a resource to help ensure a system is properly maintained.

How often do I have to inspect my sprinkler system?

All owners should be supplied a copy of NFPA 25 either at commissioning of a new system or by purchasing a copy from the National Fire Protection Association.

Will smoke set off a fire sprinkler system?

Absolutely not - this is a common myth. A sprinkler system needs a close heat source to set it off, usually around 158°F.

Why do I need a fire sprinkler system in my building?

Average property loss and risk of death per fire are cut by more than half in most buildings with a sprinkler system; civilian deaths drop by as much as 91% in some buildings, such as hotels or motels, which use fire sprinklers.

Do fire sprinklers go off by accident?

It is extremely uncommon for a fire sprinkler system to go off without warning or reason. To set off a fire sprinkler, either a heat source is required, such as an out of control fire, or a very hard knock that displaces the sprinkler head’s fusible link, or glass trigger. People worry about leaving their home, and returning to find their property damaged by a sprinkler system that has been set off. But this is a very unlikely occurrence.


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