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As a fire protection contractor, I have installed sprinkler systems at 22 Walmart locations throughout Upstate NY. Other fire suppression projects include Healthway (Pulaski), Riverwalk (Oswego, NY), St Luke's Facility (Oswego, NY), and 265 Main Street, Johnson City, NY (David Whalen).

Contractors I work for on a regular basis include RL Spencer Inc., Madison Barracks, V Squared Properties, and SJ Thomas Co. Inc.

If you are a building contractor working with fire protection projects north of Syracuse, I would be happy to discuss the opportunity of working with you.

I am an experienced independent fire protection contractor and can provide consulting on sprinkler design, wet / dry systems, inspections, NFPA13 systems, NFPA 13R systems, and NFPA 13D systems. I am up to date and fluent with state codes and local regulations, system specifications and all associated codes.